Early Access: Glide Big Tables 💪

This! I just realized this after creating my app using only Big Tables… When will we be able to use lookup and rollup columns on relations in Big Tables??? Very key feature

You can do both now. The only caveat is that the target column in the Big Table cannot be a computed column.

Oh ok thanks. Ya that’s exactly what I was trying to do - a rollup sum of a formula in a relation… any workaround?

The only workaround would to write the result of the formula into a non-computed column, then you could rollup on that.

Do you know if this will be changed for Big Tables in the future?

I think it’s very unlikely. Computed columns (even in Big Tables) are computed client side, so in order to make this work the entire contents of the Big Table would first need to be loaded onto the users device.

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Ok I’ve been doing all my apps with Airtable, but what I’m trying to build could easily exceed the rows limit. I’ve never played with BigQuery. Should I look into that?

I think it depends on your particular use case. One downside with Big Query is that you can’t do dynamic queries like you can with Big Tables. It’s more suited to a situation where you have a very large data source and you want to summarise it. The other thing is that it is read-only from Glide.

Thanks for all your help. I am going to try just regular Glide Tables and then when those fill up, move older data to Big Tables