Glide Tables row limit

Hi guys,

I’m on the Business plan and using Glide Pages to build my app.

I want to build an app for 10000 users, with each user able to access only his data. Most of the data will be stored in 4 Glide Tables (I’m using the native Glide Tables, not Google Sheets). Each user will have around 25k rows of data to work with that will be displayed on multiple screens across the app. Can Glide Tables handle that number of rows for each user if I strongly enforce row owners? I know that Big Tables can store up to 10 million rows per table, and I was wondering if you can achieve this with Glide Tables.

It seems you would be exceeding quotas on the business plan and would need an enterprise plan.

See Glide’s pricing page for further details.

Why does it seem that he will be able to work with BIG TABLE in the business plan
I’m wrong ?

Let’s say that I upgrade to the enterprise plan. Would that work without Big Tables?

Based on your #’s, you’re looking for 250M rows.

Enterprise caps out at 100K rows.

You might want to contact Glide and see if Big Table’s 10M rows is only a soft limit or a hard limit.

Would he interested in knowing the answer.

Does that mean Glide Tables can’t handle too many rows even if the user is not downloading them all?

It depends what you will be doing with Big Tables. I have not yet had a look at Big Tables so I am not speaking from experience, but from what I’ve understood, you cannot as of yet do in Big Tables everything you would do in a Glide Table.

Super would be super curious whether this could work.

Here are some references from the docs.

While a normal Glide Table has a limit of 25,000 rows, Big Tables can support up to 10 million rows. With Big Tables, your app can scale as your data grows.

Limitations of Big Tables

There are some features in Glide that aren’t compatible with a Big Table. We’re working to reduce these limitations! For now, those unavailable features are:

  • Rollups and lookups into relations
  • Filtering, sorted, and search in computed columns
  • Grouping in components
  • Big Tables do not update in real time. A refresh is necessary to update.
  • A Big Table cannot be the User Profile data source