Glide Big Tables - pricing

So… when do we need to use/choose BT vs BQ? :roll_eyes:

It’s wayyyy less crazy now thanks to you and others in the community who have taught me best practices. I will take your advice again and wait to see how things evolve.

While I’m waiting I’ll have a go at BQ and educate myself further.

I receive ~1000 rows a day via csv’s in email attachments. The delivery method is not under my control so that’s where I start.

I need to store those rows somewhere :man_shrugging:

You can store in json, up to 20k rows per cell

I know your point but the problem with using a fetch and json payload is that you need to create a helper table (manually) to transponed the data.

Instead, a native query in BQ is able to create a dynamic table ready to be used.

You create it once… Then just reuse it

Big Tables is a native Glide Data source. It’s just like regular Glide Tables, except… bigger :slight_smile: It is different in that instead of all rows being loaded immediately to the user device, rows are loaded as they are needed. It also has some limitations around data aggregation, which are documented.

Big Query is what Glide refer to as a “queryable data source”. Data is stored in Google Big Query, and your Glide Tables are defined and populated by queries that you write against that data.


That is my technique for the unlimited rows in glide… But i don’t need bt or bq

You create it once… Then just reuse it

Of course :rofl:

but here we need to be efficient, if I create a helper table with 1000 rows and 50 columns (thinking in the worst case) and my payload returns most cases 20-40 rows, we are wasting data and load unnecessary info.

I think I get what you’re selling. I use a technique where I adapted the trebuchet method and the miracle method to save on rows in other areas of my app. Essentially I have a few columns which store csv’s and then I explode those rows by transposing them into a helper table.

Your way does sound more effective

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You dont waste anything, my apps are using only 20 rows, to operate on millions, and are faster than Glide

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Ok… I have to run… Before they ban me again… :wink:


and how can we create a BT from Glide Editor? There is no such option in the list. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


You need to request access. There is a link at the bottom of this page under FAQ.

@Sean_Martin could you please help our friend @gvalero with Big Table access?

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You need to get yourself on the early access program.

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@Eric_Penn @Darren_Murphy @gvalero we’ve closed the beta for now. Customers on our Business and Enterprise plans will have access to Big Tables. @gvalero if you’d like to test it out you can start a trial of the Business plan. If you don’t see Big Tables as an option please send me a PM.


Thanks @Sean_Martin !

Read today that big tables use Sycns. what counts as a sync in big tables? is that only when more than 1 app is connected to a big table?

Big Tables aren’t loaded in their entirety due to their size. Any time you need to get a different set of data, it will be a sync.

has anyone received their glide big tables first bill? would be interesting to get feedback on the cost of using them