Glide Big Tables Confusion

Can someone help explain Glide Big Tables functionality & pricing in simple terms.

We want to use Glide Big Tables for order history data. That means adding 5000 rows every few days into 2 big tables (Orders & Order Items)

  • how is the data loaded to the app user device & can we control that? we are most likely only interested in the last few thousand rows added (the newest processed orders)

  • what is the pricing of using big tables. Lets say a user searches for a very old order how many syncs will that cost? or if a user decides to browse through the pages of 100,000 orders?

  • Is every row imported into a big table counted as 1 sync?

has anyone used big tables… it seems to be a very big feature added by Glide & yet there is minimum public feedback on anyone using it regularly and its pricing

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I am also having the same confusion as I wanted to develop for something which may need BIG Tables.

I have also the same question.


Here you can start

Short answers:

  • Every time a query is fired, it counts as an update.
  • Your entire data is not loaded into APP, only a subset of it so you need to create queries to retrieve specific data and work with it.

I hope it helps.

Saludos @abdo !


Thank you bro appreciate you trying to assist
But that other post was started by me, it’s not really of much help at all otherwise I wouldn’t have started this. I’m also part of the special slack channel and that wasn’t really of much help regarding this topic

  • are you saying that each query counts as 1 update only? that is 0.01 cents.
  • what subset of the data is loaded on default. and when I add new data what happens to the already loaded subset.

Uufff… sorry! I didn’t notice you were the author of that post! :rofl:

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