Help creating an app for housekeeper management

Here’s what I want to do. I have a lot done, but having some issues. I’m on the free version. Please let me know if this can be done with the free version.

  1. I have a booking system called lodgify. I have 5 properties in lodgify. Each property gives me an ical link so I can subscribe to the calendar to see upcoming reservations, checkouts, etc.

  2. I have created an app for managing housekeepers. Each housekeeper is a user. They each should be able to login and see their upcoming tasks, a list of properties, the relevant info for each property like number of rooms, etc.

  3. I want to connect a calendar to glide so each housekeeper can see when a new task is scheduled. The tasks should be added automatically each time a new booking is made or updated. Each task will automatically have time of cleaning, date of cleaning, who is assigned to that cleaning, if there is a guest checking in same day, which property the cleaning is for.

  4. I also want to attach a standard form and checklist that the housekeeper have to swipe through and fill out in order to complete the task. It will be required.

  5. Each housekeeper should only be able to see the tasks and properties assigned to them.

Here is the app so far:

Please help!!

Most of that should be possible. The tricky part might be the integration with an outside calendar. You might need to find some script, zapier, or integromat integration that can automatically update a google sheet with current check-in and check-out information. Then you can integrate that sheet into your app.

I found some info on scripting which might be useful. With a custom script it looks like you could possibly add the lodgify calendars into your google calendar, then using the calendar id, you could pull that information in with the script and write it to a google sheet.

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Were you able to complete your housekeeper app @lukeofeasley ? I’ve been trying to build the same thing.

@bjgray do you have glide experience?
I would like to collaborate on a reservation app but I would not like to have to do everything, I am at your service! :wink: