Looking to Build Booking System from Airbnb calendar

I am in need of an expert glide developer. Code may actually be needed to create this function.

I need to Sync Airbnb calendars to create cleaning jobs. Is this something that can be done in Glide.

Other features needs but this is the most important.

I would say that what you want to do is most likely possible.
If you’re willing to pay somebody to build the app for you, then you should head over to Glide Experts

If you want to do it yourself, and just need some help along the way, then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find lots of friendly/knowledgeable folks here only too willing to provide advice and guidance.

For best results, try and ask specific questions. Show what you’ve tried and what the result has been, and describe what you would have expected to see.

Good luck!