Help. Calendar view not displaying correctly

Im building a CRM app that will utilize a calender tab. When I select a a list view layout, all my upcoming appointments are visible. When I select calendar layout it simply says No upcoming events (even though there are some loaded onto my sheet.) also adding a new event in calendar view adds it to my sheet, but still shows no upcoming events.

(Second image in replies - can only post one image as I’m new)

Additionally, the date and time gets automatically messed up, even though I’m adding it in the required format. it replaces AM/PM with this weird 000Z on the end.

It’s literally the last thing I need finishing, and I’ve been struggling with this for 2 days now.
PS, I’m using this on IOS. Haven’t tested it on Android yet.

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Your WHEN needs to point to a date column. You have it pointing to Name.

The Date is a properly formatted Date Timestamp. You can use formulas in your sheet to display it a different way if you choose. Z stands for Zulu, which is Greenwich Mean Time.

I haven’t fully tested it but I’ve seen mixed results with people adjusting the column formatting in the sheet. I tend to avoid that and use formulas in a new column, like =ARRAYFORMULA(TEXT(D2:D, "MM/DD/YYYY"))

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AAAH! thanks so much! Been pulling out my hair for days on this!

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