Help, Basic Table Image too small. Any fix?


I am trying to create a guild game filled with classes. Basically when a person has selected their class (aka Healer), the class name and an image of that class should appear before they finalize it.

While everything does seem to be working correctly, my only problem that I seem to be running into is that I’m using a Basic Table to show their class name and image of that class once picked. While the class name appears, the image is way too small and I cannot figure out what is causing it to be this tiny. Hopefully the following images can help you all see the issue I’m running into. Click on the drive link to see the screenshots:

This is an example of what I want to see.
#0 End Results

#1: Here is my Basic Table. As you can see, my image to the right is extremely tiny when compared with the one above.

#2: Basic Table’s information.

#3: I created a relation column.

#4: And then had to create a lookup column.

#5: These of my images from my Google Sheet

#6: This is the image’s link (mainly focusing only on the healer right now)

#7: This is the actual size of the image via the link. (Not saying it’s suppose to this gigantic, but you get the point)

Maybe you could try with this CSS:


[data-test='app-simple-table'] .sts-value.image {
height: 50px !important;

It worked for me.

…or with that image of yours:

Here I added some margin-right property, but you can play with it as you wish:


Thank you Mozza. Your solution worked perfectly.

Glad I could help :wink:

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