Basic table - image at left


no problem to add a basic table where date is placed in the left column and an image (= URL in sheet) is placed in the right column. (see attachment; the image is very small in the right column; I’ve put the same image as component above this basic table just to show it fyi)2021-11-19_144907

But is possible

  1. to switch both date and image (so image on the left, date on the right)? I just get the URL in my left column, not the image
  2. if possible, what CSS do I need to make that image bigger?


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Try this changing the px value according to your need.

.sts-row label {
    margin-left: auto;

.sts-row img {
position: absolute;
height: 60px !important;

.sts-row {
height: 60px;

Let me know.


Adding to what @Roldy proposed above, I don’t think it’s possible to force Glide to display an image on the left, or it can be very complex to change how Glide should read and display a link (as a link or as an image).

I solved the problem myself by adding a HTML-table :slight_smile:

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Yes, that seems to be the easier way for this problem. Great work!

Was going to also suggest using CSS flex-direction: column-reverse and then reversing which values are in which columns.