Image size in Basic Table has gotten smaller

I have always used images on the right of my basic table, and the image would fill the line height, but now it displays really small.

This used to work fine before, is there something I can do to have the original behavior back ?

Hi @Killko :wave:

Maybe this thread will helps you!

Thank you

By any chance did this behavior start about a week ago even text wrapping in basic table was released?

You could submit a ticket request :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah but that would require an image through URL. I just added the image on Glide so I don’t see how to add CSS.

I think it’s a bit older than that, but I haven’t worked much on my app for a couple months…
I submitted a ticket. Thanks !

You just need to add CSS through a rich text component, it is not related to how you add that image (regardless, it should have its own URL).