Hello Lily: Manage Client Info, Send Auto Emails, Create Templates, & More!

Hello everyone! Longtime lurker, first-time poster. I’ve been picking at this app for a couple of weeks and it’s still very much a work in progress, but if anybody has any feedback/critique/bug reports/feature requests, it would be more than appreciated.

In a nutshell, Hello Lily is designed specifically to help career coaches (or life coaches, tutors, or anyone who works with clients 1:1 or in small groups) manage client info in a single place. No Zaps, Integromat scenarios, or CSS–it’s built entirely within Glide. The app is below, but I also recorded a quick video walkthrough here.

Again, any feedback or critique would be stellar! Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi, congrats on finishing this version of your app. Here are some of my feedbacks.

For this onboarding screen, what I usually do is filter the screen to the user’s row in the Profiles table, then have entries straight on this screen for them to enter their profile details. I don’t think the pencil button offers a great experience in this part.

For this, I don’t think you should let them edit the email. It can have bad consequences as the profile table is pivoted around that email column.

For this, maybe you can have a default image to display if people don’t upload an image for their contact.

Nice work on the other parts, especially the templates. I really like that concept.


Thank you so much, @ThinhDinh ! I’ve learned a ton from your comments in other threads and posts, so it’s awesome to have you offering advice here, too :slight_smile: I think all of this feedback is great–I’ve already implemented a default image, and I’ll work on the rest of your advice tomorrow. Super appreciated!


Hi @ada, well done! Funny because I am working in the same principle in the area of “Management Consulting”.

In addition to Think Dinh comments, I just have one: there are many fields to fill-in in the User Profile before being able to really discover the details of the app (ex. the resources part).
Could it reduce the number of users? An idea (but clearly questionable) could be to have much less fields upfront (make them optional), but when users want to use a feature requiring a non-filled field, you have a hint (“complete your profile”) and link to the missing fields of the profile (with visibility conditions on the ones already filled-in).

Well done anyway!

  • Since users can access the resources page without filling-in their profile, but cannot see the details, maybe should you have a hint message when they clic “Fill-in your profile to see the details” with a link to the profile tab?

Hi @ada - really great App - congrats. You’re clearly a top drawer Glider already. So my remark is just limited to the features you offer.

Have you thought about inviting clients to use the App too? It would be neat to have a set of users that ‘belong’ to a coach that are able to access certain screen views, e.g. custom resources. I could imagine a very nice newsfeed for coaches to post to their students, especially if you could tag a story with specific clients to control visibility. I suppose this becomes a type of social media app… check out swirlwine.de for my app that has some of those features. Lastly, if coach and clients are on the same app it opens up some nice possibilities for scheduling meetings in the app (check out @Robert_Petitto 's) cool resources.

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I love this! You’re entirely right–the issue of whether or not users could potentially lose interest during a long onboarding is one that I thought of again and again, but I couldn’t think of a good way to offset that. Your idea of using hints and visibility conditions to encourage users to fill in the rest of profiles (without making them do everything immediately) is an awesome one, and I’m definitely going to implement it :slight_smile:

Yes, absolutely! These are all features that I want to add eventually (using user profiles to add clients as well as coaches, allowing coaches & clients to message within the app, allowing them to schedule meetings, etc.), but I wanted to get the basic features up and running first. But I agree 100% with the entirety of your comment (and with the rec to @Robert_Petitto–I’ve been watching his YouTube channel nonstop for the last few weeks), and I am absolutely going to explore Swirl to see how you’ve implemented some of those features, too!

Excellent build. Love the ability for users to create their own templates.

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Looks great! Curious, how do you send emails with custom variables in templates? Thats pretty cool. Is that a private pro feature?

Also, is it possible to display a calendly link in the Coach’s profile so people can book an appointment inside the app vs waiting for the email?

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You can create template columns that take the email template and use the replacement values to replace all of the placeholders with other column values.

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Ah that makes sense. Thanks

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You sure can! You can use the webview feature to embed the coach’s Calendly. I haven’t done that yet since this is currently coach-only, rather than coach-and-client, but it’s absolutely possible!

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Thanks, @GrumpyRick!