Hello from IABLE

Hi All,

Mitch here from Madison, WI.

Glide looks extremely cool!

Our nonprofit org provides breastfeeding education to the full range of parent/baby supporters (docs, nurses, midwives, etc). We have built a couple of React/Gatsby PWAs to provide clinical resources using headless WordPress as content repo. Some of our apps are free, some subscription (eventually). Some include bookmarking which needs to be tracked on a per/user basis. The React/Gatsby ecosystem is very powerful, but also a significant, geeky development pipeline.

I’m curious if we could refactor our apps into Glide. It would not be a small decision - is someone available for a short call to explore this possibility?

Examples of our PWAs:

Trash The Pump & Dump, Galactapedia (not officially published).

Thanks for your consideration!

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Hey dude! Sounds like a cool project. Hope it works out for you here :ok_hand:

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For non-profit apps, you can speak to @kyleheney .

If you just want an overall chat on what’s possible and what’s not, you can talk with one of the experts.


Got it. Thanks.