Hello from France

I am a French PE teacher. I work in a secondary school in Bordeaux. I used Excel and its macros a lot for my work. So I have some experience with spreadsheets and VBA. I recently discovered GlideApps and its possibilities. I started by creating an app to allow my students to continue physical activity during confinement (https://Lenoireps.glideapp.io/).
I am delighted to be able to discuss with you.


Hi Alexis!

What a great idea for your app! I hope it goes well. I’m pretty new to Glide and learning a lot of new things each day; the community is so helpful and reading other peoples questions leads to a lot of discovery.

Welcome and I’ll look forward to hearing about how your app is coming along! :slight_smile:


Hi Alexis, welcome to the community forum. What a neat app.

In the HIIT section of your app,

  • the videos seem to load fine if the app has been added to screen
  • the videos seem to not load if launched from the browser directly

Hi Dinomeg,
Yes, the community seems to be very welcoming. I’ll understand lot of things here.

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Thank you for yours feedbacks nathanaelb :wink:

Hi Alexis and welcome, cool app! And precious help for students.

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Thank you very much.

Bonjour Alexis,

Je te parle de France aussi (et de l’EN aussi, mais dans le premier degré! :wink:).
J’ai créé une application qui est utilisée sur les chantiers de construction de mon mari…
C’est rassurant d’avoir des français en ligne, des fois mon anglais (ou mon traducteur!) ne sont pas toujours au niveau, et je ne comprends pas toujours tout :laughing:
Au plaisir de se donner des coups de main! (Enfin, si j’ai le niveau :sweat_smile:)
A bientĂ´t

Bonjour GĂ©raldine,
Avec grand plaisir :wink:
A bientĂ´t.

Bienvenue au club :wink: