Hello from France, Montélimar

I struggle with the same. Many if not most of the apps I’ve developed so far are apps for work and they are “efficient” (possibly cold and bland). They are rarely interactive.

Here are ideas to make your app interactive (I’m no product manager, the following are ideas, hopefully you and others will add some):

  • User-generated content. Allow or encourage users to regularly add content to the app for other users to see.
  • A chat channel for the users.
  • A What’s new section on the home screen that changes daily/weekly/regularly: “What’s new”. “Item of the day/week”.
  • A dashboard with key performances indicators or charts that update regularly.
  • User-specific components such as favorite or rating to encourage users to interact with the content and give their personal views.
  • Custom filters make lists quite dynamic.
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I like all these ideas, the problem is to know how to implement them, and on this subject I agree with Brice Daniel to put Glide in French for the functions. I’m not used to creating applications. Thank you

Je n’ai pas compris ce que tu voulais dire. Tu pourrais clarifier en français ?

Désolé, c’est la traduction DeepL, je disais de pouvoir mettre les fonctions de Glide en français, mais j’ai un peu résolu ce que je voulais faire mais je ne suis pas sûr que les visiteurs aient suffisamment de liberté d’action puisqu’il faut passer par la base de données, et non par l’application mobile pour ajouter des liens vidéos par exemple

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