Hawaiian Island Guide

My wife and I love traveling to Hawaii and we’ve been unable to travel in 2020 due to Covid, but we’re planning on a 2021 trip. I always see people on Facebook, asking about this adventure or that adventure, restaurant, etc., so I figure I’d create this app to allow people in the groups (several Hawaii FB Groups) to consolidate their ideas and review into one simple location for each of the islands. I’m wanting to share it with the group to get some feedback, suggestions, etc. Don’t beat me up too badly…lol Please take a look and let me know your thoughts…

Hawaiian Islands Guide



Interesting idea as I am going to Hawaii in Aug 2022!

Your main page images dont work when clicked, not sure if they are supposed to navigate to each island’s tab?

How will you prevent duplicate entries? For example, two people adding Road to Hana on Maui?

Also maybe add a number of thumbs up to each activity so people can vote on it?

I saw it has a review, do you plan on letting all users to add a review to an activity?

That’s awesome! If you’ve never been, you’ll love the islands. You have some great questions.

  1. I actually just changed the Home Page. Yes, my original though was to make each of the island links on the Home page clickable to direct to the appropriate page, but since I already have the tabs on the bottom, I changed it.

  2. Not sure how I would handle duplicate entries as I kind of envision getting different perspectives from different people visiting different locations.

  3. Great idea on adding a voting option. I’ll have to look into implementing it. I’ve just kind of been playing around it today.

  4. Yes, I plan on allowing everyone or anyone the option of reviewing. I think that’s important as not everyone will see things equally.

Thanks for taking the time to look at it.


One of the other things I want to add along with the Adventures/Activities is to have a separate area for Restaurant suggestions. Kind of a one-stop-shop for travelers. I know there are a ton of different web sites out there that do all of these ideas, but it’s fun to just create my own…

Well you sort of hit the nail on the head with “lots of other sites already do this”.

If its fun for you, thats great! But if your hope is to get others to contribute but they dont see it worth their time cuz its already somewhere else, you might get frustrated lol.

One thing you could think about is what are all those other sites missing that someone visiting Hawaii SHOULD know?

Maybe your app is about “Hidden Gems” both on the activity level as well as food, hiking trails, waterfalls, etc. Maybe the app ideas are fueled by locals or just things tourists/travelers stumbled upon. Curious if its possible to allow users to upload photos of that specific thing and then place them in an image carousel?

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