My Holiday Guide app Showcase

Hi all,
Thought I would show you one of the apps that I have been working on.

Use the 4-digit code 1111 once you have logged in to see example data.

The idea was to create an app that the holiday industry (such as resorts, holiday let management companies, etc.) can use and brand it; and then they send it to holidaymakers who book with them to allow the holidaymakers to explore places to visit and save favourites ahead of their holiday.

Introductory video here.

As a total non-programmer it’s been great to be able to develop something like this; be it with some help of some of the great people here.


@Phil_Jackson. Nice idea and layout!!! I wish I could take a holiday, but there are still a lot of closures in the US due to COVID-19. Hopefully that changes soon, so I’ll keep your app in mind.

Similar here in the UK which is the main reason I’ve had time to develop the app! Hoping people can make use of the app this summer!

Very nice app.
I launched last year and it was doing pretty well until covid started.

Thanks. Your app has a lot of similarities and looks good.

What sort of feedback have you had from users of the app so far?

Mine is for cross and up-selling stuff to their guests, and it was working out pretty good… for customers that take the time to really drill into their customers’ minds to use the app.

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