Hello from Cancun!

Hi guys, my name is Jesus, and I’m currently based in Cancun, Mexico.

I’ve always dabbled into code (was the first translator for Wordpress fron EN to ES, back in the day), mainly web based, and currently do as a side job small things such as websites, small ERP’s with airtable, and now apps with Glide !

My big idea for Glide is Cancuntour.app, a personalized app for the Airbnb host/owner where they can make more money by selling discounted tours, transport and activities in Cancun and Riviera Maya.

Taking advantage of the huge tourism industry in the area, I’m also planning to do conference apps.

Finally, Glide will give me the opportunity to develop some front-end way to feed databases that are not that user friendly.

Feel free to check out CancunTour.app where you’ll find a like to the demo app, and give me your feedback.


Hey Welcome @eltintero! Great landing page!

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Great idea. So you charge for use of the app?

Have any customers yet?

Button sends to link that doesn’t work

Sorry, link should be working now…
We have version 1, which uses a different platform. We do have a couple dozen customers.
With V 2, in Glide, with over 100 tours (where the airbnb hosts make 10% on each sold activity), we’re planning/working/hoping to get to ramen profitability by the end of the year (~80 users)

Excellent I wish you every success in your venture, keep the community updated with profess and any challenges you have over come.

Looks very professionel, Jesus. :+1:

As a suggestion - the nummer of things to do is at first quite overwhelming. Consider a way to group them. Well, just my perspective :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wondering, do you pass info to PayPal in order to give back commission to the app owner?

Hey Krivo,
Yes, I’m figuring out the best way to give guests all the options while not being too overwhelming…

I’ve partnered up with the tour operator company, so each app’s tours have the affiliate link of the host/app owner. At the end of every month, the owner/host invoices the tour operator for the commissions that they made through the app.

I hope I made myself clear.

Hi @eltintero

I wonder how you link looks like. Does PayPal accept a link where you can identify the app so you get the relevant commission

The link I use for the danish payment solution we use looks like this:


Great concept and idea, with a very clean sample app. Good luck with it.

We are not using PayPal for the tours payment.
We use the tour operator web based payment method. We go outside the app for the payment. The payment button in the app sends you to a link with the affiliate ID of the host.

Jesús A Vargas Espinosa-Mireles
+52 5555051571

Thanks George! Hoping it really works out and we get 100+ customers.

Jesús A Vargas Espinosa-Mireles
+52 5555051571

It’s all about marketing. There are lots of killer apps that went nowhere due to poor marketing. It seems like you have the right idea and a good plan.

Awesome app and great landing page Jesus. May you share how to make profesional landing page like you have?

@eltintero This is a cool idea! And the landing page is also amazing. :grinning: :heart:
How did you create it? (What platform, coding or none, etc.)

@Xann @Muhammad_iqbal hey guys, thanks for your kind words.
I’m really happy you like the landing page.
It’s done with bootstrap, I missed doing something else than just configuring a wordpress theme (I hve a bunch of clients and it’s usually doing their WP website), so I used Bootstrap for the first time, with the Leno theme, available for free online. It was quick and easy.
However, for the next project, I plan to do something other than Bootstrap, maybe Webflow or go back to WP, I think they’re better suited for growing (blog, news, etc).

What about WIX? it’s free and no coding needed at all. Rich with features and design

I don’t like WIX, in my experience it doesn’t perform well with SEO and Google ranking.
However I might be wrong. I haven’t used wix in years.

I disagree. Qix have great SEO tools which perform very well if used correctly and get promoted highly in Google.
To my view the SEO secret is more about content, speed and tugging and less about the problem.
I’ve seen WP sites that are poorly promoted on SEO and wix which promoted great and vice versa.
But hey, this is just my 2 cents :wink:

If anyone is looking for a no code solution for landing pages then check this service out:


They have a free version, and all versions enable you to download the HTML/CSS code and host anywhere.

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I ended up building it in Bootstrap, but now I’m using carrd a LOT