A different type of Restaurant App

Hey everyone,

I’m sure most of us have looked online to find a restaurant around us, whether its at home or while traveling. Once you find a place with good reviews, odds are you also checked out their menu to see if there is something you’d like, right? After taking a peek, you found a pasta dish that sounds really good, but now you’re wondering if its actually any good. So, you go back to the review site only to come away disappointed because either nobody wrote about it in their review or you got tired scrolling through endless reviews.

Introducing ThisDish, where you can discover top rated food near you. Now, instead of searching for a restaurant that might offer something you might like, you can now search based on specific dishes, view its ratings and read its reviews.

Craving a delicious burger? Now it’s easy to find highly rated burgers near you!

Some additional details:
Users will be reviewing individual dishes, not the restaurant itself across taste, value, presentation, creativity and quality. The average of those dish reviews will determine the overall restaurant rating.

Restaurant Owners and Users can add restaurants to the site as well as dishes to those restaurants, making the site more robust. Owners do get the unique ability to edit both Restaurant and Food details as well as get overall review analytics to start.

QR codes based on the Deep Link for each Restaurant Page are generated so that Owners can display them on their tables. This makes it easy for customers to read reviews and help them decide what to order.

Because its all location based and will only show results within 25 miles of either your current location or the search address, use 12866 in the search bar if you want to see results.

It also just launched, so some restaurants are not as complete as others. Seneca is probably the most complete.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions!


I think the desktop view is against you a bit here. Maybe you can convert the original map tab to be a details view and then have a map component. The “details view” in the screenshot has too little space for me.


Good point! I neglected to really look at the map tab given that I couldn’t use CSS, but I will try the details view with a map component!

This app is simply beautiful!! Great work!!!

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One tiny change (since you asked for feedback), on the Sign-In screen settings, you may want to add a gradient overlay for easier reading!

Thank you! And yes, great suggestion. I’ll try adding one. That pesky white fancy food does make it difficult to read!

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I was actually able to figure out why the desktop view messed with my CSS and fixed it.
I changed it to show the Item’s Details View in Full Screen instead and hid the Map altogether, so it operates like it does on Mobile!


@media only screen and (min-width: 768px) {

div[id*='screenScrollView'] {
padding-top: calc( var(--safe-area-inset-top) + 200px );

/*---EXPAND LEFT---*/
.left-panel {
width: 100%!important;

/*---HIDE MAP---*/
.right-panel {
display: none;
position: none;

.left-panel > div {
background-color: rgb(246,246,246);

[id*='screenScrollView'] >div {
background-color: white;
max-width: var(--maximum-detail-width);
margin: 0px auto;

[id*='OverlayscreenScrollView'] > .fab-target {
background: transparent;

/*---NAV BAR---*/
[data-test="glide-app-bar"]  {
z-index: 2;
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Converted my app to a Pages project and think it functions a lot better. Also with the improved search and filters, I have a lot less Choice components which will reduce the # of updates the site uses.


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