Have you tried Glideapps + Clickup? Amazing

It’s not an app showcase per se, I just wanted to show how beautifully Glideapps can be integrated within Clickup management tool. If you don’t use ClickUp you should, it’s free for unlimited team members, and you can embed your organizational glide apps (or any) (tablet/fullscreen view):

It’s as if it is part of it, I’m so geeked out about this

How: simply create a new tab view and choose ‘embed’ with your glideapp link


Another cool thing I discovered; If you have a Business subscription in CLickup, you can create shareable/embeddable forms which tie to your tasks/tickets. Opening that form in Glideapps in webview you can use it like a Bug report or customer support, which will immediately create a task for you and assign your development team.
The embedd link can be set up by passing on various parameters so your ticket can be fully populated.