Have u ever seen user as @anonymous.appuser.io

I created a new version in another app, because I was learning at new, but sth remain exactly the same.
Now the first 3 e-mails login came with domain @anonymous.appuser.io.

The emails are:

what could be?

Yes, see below

I had a similar situation last week where several of my (fake) user emails were randomly changed to the domain β€œglideapps.com”, while keeping the original name before the @. I guess it’s the same situation.

Thx Rose. It was my fault that I searched only in the HOW TO category. Thx so much.
Even so, I was in doubt if it is a bug that will be fixed or my plan (12$) I cannot show, only from 32 $. what it will be very very said, because I made 2 apps in a full test (collecting the e-mails) when I decide to launch 3rd version and pay, I have this surprise/downgrade/information. it would be very frustrating.

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