Happy to say I've just passed my exam featuring my prototype with Glide

It meant a lot to me that my examinator does not reject my prototype.
I can continue working on it, even though I have little time till next exam.
And with everything I’ve already gleaned so far with you, guys, this prototype is becoming more and more interesting.


When you’re ready, share your prototype with us! If I may ask, what’s the target market and what does your prototype allow them to do?


Thks to ask, Nathanaël. You may ask, of course, I’ll just reserve my answer later. Just to adjust my prototype / MVP n°2 (so I have a full Business Model Canvas), and as I’m considering an English international Version, but it takes time to translate the glossary content type.
I’d like it to remain a freemium, even a purpose-driven app, where the price is the time, the skills the people can bring to value it and give it visibility.

Beautiful idea, btw, your Artists’ Portfolio. Matches perfectly the mobile UI, while respecting and even enhancing intimacy with each artpiece. I’m sure some artists (watercolorists, plasticiens, collage, etc.) I know may be interested.
Inspiring, Thks, Nathanaël.

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