You're Amazing ✨

Hi all! :slight_smile:
@iamtomgray told me it was ok to share this, so here it is.
These are my words, my understanding of Glide.
Hope you’ll enjoy it as it is.

Ly-Mei :cherry_blossom:
Linkedin Post: You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing


Haha! Bless you, @L.M :blue_heart: That’s generous of you. Great to have as part of the community. We’d to learn what you’re working on with Glide?

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I’m working on my Product Manager (Product Consultant as a matter of fact) portfolio, interrupting it for this post, which was not planned at all in my Linkedin posts. My prototype w/ Glide is show cased in it. I have to resume the work by fall hopefully. Once I’m updated w/ the new Pricing :wink:

Glide helped me find how to structure my portfolio (with Wix)