Just to tell you I just passed my 2nd exam featuring my Glide prototype \o/

Hi Gliders :cherry_blossom:
Just passed my 2nd exam (Product Manager) to defend my Glide prototype for the 2nd (and last) time. One more exam, and I’ll graduate.
Glide is now a side-side-project :card_file_box::books::exploding_head:, since my last & ultimate exam will not allow me to use it again. :disappointed:
And I have another project delayed for 1 year now (pandemia) to resume in 2022.
Less time till February. But I’m still there :slightly_smiling_face:.
Happy Me :heavy_check_mark:


I want to say thank you to all who contributed in my project - My Feasibility Study & Risks analysis in particular, like:

I can only mention 10 names, so Part I of names-dropping:

@sardamit , @Robert_Petitto & @eltintero for “numbers” about the Template Store.

@david for Glide’s “when-what-who-where-how” & so much more, the ultra-agile transparency, personal engagement, the voice recording, Sentiment Analysis… especially for my future plans. @JackVaughan for the “after-training I unfortunately missed” & Glide’s Mission: helped me articulate one for my project.

@George-Glide for the “Alpha-Tango-Charlie” JS code I was able to demo with my examinator’s name (Zakaria) :slight_smile: (too cool) & who made me feel special in a direct testing process of the ongoing development: that was so much more than iterative, incremental agility, wow! Even though I could’nt help much with Relative Time.

@Jeff_Hager , @Darren_Murphy, @ThinhDinh , @Lucas_Pires, Lin_Altshuler for helping me determine the workload for future features or third-party tools integration (jitsi, community software, etc.) & their scalability, maintenance + Jesus & Uzo for “SSO Free Plan alternatives” inter-apps. Mark_Turrell
Himaladin, Robert who led to Manu.n , hisashi.fujita , Uzo for my “dear sliding door”.
nathanaelb for the early brainstorming about the business model (I managed to create one)

And I can’t remember everyone in this Community since mid-september.
But thank you.
You helped me deliver very serious data to beef up my project well beyond the student expectations.
The examinator was really happy.

You may have thought sometimes my very divergent questions led to nowhere since I joined mid-september, but I can assure you I’m using every piece of info you gave me and even those you didn’t :blush:(Mind-Reader). I just put everything in place at the time I need each of them. To process them by priority and within the limits of my knowledge.


Names-dropping, Part II: (thks to look above :arrow_up:)
@Lin_Altshuler @Mark_Turrell @eltintero @Uzo @Himaladin @Manu.n @hisashi.fujita @nathanaelb


Congrats Li-Mey :relaxed: :sparkles: it’s an amazing work and I wish all the success!


You’re too kind :blush: Lucas
I know I need at least 5 full days training that I never managed to spare. So, I’ll need many more months before doing sth really clean.

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Hi, I was away so a bit of a delay…
Congratulations I am really happy for you :slight_smile:
Glad I could contribute any way…

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