Two year anniversary of first Glide demo

Two years ago, we made the first demo of Glide. It’s barely recognizable compared to what it is today!


Wow, you have made so much progress since then. Kudos to the Glide team for seeing this vision through!

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Look how far y’all have come in just two short years!


@david You should be very proud of what you and all the team have achieved.

I know you all work really hard and have a true passion for what you do.

We all appreciate what you have done and continue to do with Glide and this community.

Happy anniversary


To @david, @Mark @JackVaughan and all the brains behind and part of GLIDE

:rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:Happy Anniversary :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

Just wanted to say

Glide wasn’t born 2 yers ago. The future of software technology was born in the form of Glide 2 years ago.
You guys are awesome developers.
You guys are awesome human beings.
Everyday your making a difference to peoples lives and livelihood.
Thank you for giving us Gilde.
Thank you for bringing the best out of us (more to come).


Congrats on all of your hard work. You are making a difference. Keeeeep gooooing!!! :smiley:

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Happy anniversary folks!
As Peter Theil rightly said that to be a successful startup, " You have to be 10 times better than second best"

And I think Glide hit the nail on the head. If you hear @david’s vision in his podcast 18 months ago, he has said everything that he wanted Glide to be and what we see it as today. And that’s true passion which makes Glide 10x better for real.
Kudos to the team. Many more anniversaries to come and I think most of us here are going to stay!


That is so cool! You guys have made incredible progress in just 2 years, and it is cool that you can show it in this way. Thank you for this incredible tool :+1:

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