Use Glide Apps and make it to the top 60 startup contests

Greetings from Vietnam,

I created 1 MVP on Glide platform based on the Client’s idea. And crazy, almost everything is responsive and works great.

After 4 weeks of exchanging ideas, implementing and editing, I finally released the first version that met the basic requirements from the Client and luckily we entered the TOP 60 Startup Wheel contest. 2021 in Vietnam. Link:

Currently we have been and continue to upgrade the next version to be able to participate in the deeper round of the competition. Although there are many limited features (push noti, API connect, …) but also received a lot of praise from the community in terms of design and experience that the Glide platform brings.

Although I haven’t fully exploited Glide’s powerful features yet (I just got to know and really use Glide this year), I firmly believe that Glide will develop further with new features and user support. better use. I will also have to learn more.

Thank you @ThinhDinh, who helped me a lot in the process of getting to know Glide
And you, how is your story with Glide? Please comment here to give us motivation <3


@ThinhDinh is a great. We have yet to fully launch our products but his work and problem solving have been critical to our progress.