First impressions glideapps (formely pages)

Straight up, I’m no techie. I’ve build a halal muslim match-making app on classic some time ago but was really really apprehensive about moving to glide especially considering the new learning curve and some missing functionality such as comments which was previously used for chat purposes.

I’m still early in development but I have to say the UI looks friggin amazing. I have managed to replicate chat functionality and it looks way cleaner than I had it previously. I also really appreciate the copy and paste compoents.

Anyway still looking forward to upcoming features. I will not be transitioning yet but it’s nice to see glide is on the right track although I am wary of row count and usage count and concerned about there not being enough mid-tier subscription options

In any case here are some screenshots of the app under the new glideapps.

This is a great community platform - thank you all for continuing to share feedback, tips and advice.


Great job! Thanks for sharing.

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