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Using this now with the new Posts Layout (Cards minus image) and Join Text Column —beautiful:


Looks good!

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Yes @Mark, I may be wrong in my use of group by - filtering - choice component, but if not, there may have opportunities for improvement in in-line lists display for:

1/ “Choice component” & “Group by”: when a user records an item (via a form for ex.), for UX matters, we sometimes cannot impose her/him to fill-in all choice component criteria.
-> But when the in-line list of these items is displayed with a group-by view, we may still want this item to be displayed in a group-by category “Unassigned”

2/ “Choice component” & “In-line list Filtering”: sometimes we propose multiple choice components to users to ease the search of items; we therefore filter the inline list by all these possible choices. Again for UX matters, we may not impose to users to have all these choice components filled-in by the user.
-> But we may still need the in-line list displaying all items filtering by the choice component(s) which is/are filled-in by the user

These two topics would avoid us to build if-then-else & co as well as multiple in-line lists per type of filtering (and we may have a lot of them!).

Current situation: given above constraints, we need to set-up 1 in-list per filter

Otherwise, if we customize all the filters in 1 single in-line list, if all the choice components are not selected by the user, the in-line list does not display anything


Hi @Jeff_Hager @ThinhDinh, in relation to the above post, do you have a “magic workaround” with all the common “barbarian tools” (relation, template, lookup & families) to create 1 inline list with multiple filters instead of 1 inline list per filter?
Thanks in advance

Is there a way to make Group headings into a list that serves as an expandable dropdown menu or link to the content it is grouping?

In other words:

Group 1
Group 2

Would become:

Group 1 V
Group 2 V

(where clicking on “V” next to Group 1 would dropdown/expand and show A, B, C)


Make Group 1 and Group 2 text links that lead to another screen listing either A, B, C (for Group 1) or C, D, E (for Group 2)?

That is not possible, sadly. You cannot add components on a list screen.

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Thanks for letting me know. I would be struggling to do that, so you saved me some time. :grinning:

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No problem - welcome to the community!


This is tricky but possibly you can do this setup in a details view if you don’t have too many groups:

  • Have an action text that increments a user specific column. If increment column doesn’t equal 1, then increment by 1, else increment by -1. Use an If Then Else column for this.

  • If the increment column is 1 then show the inline list for that specific group.

  • Set the inline list to only show some items so when you have a large number it will have a See All option.

However this won’t scale well, as I said in the first paragraph. You need 2 columns for each group for the increment thing.


That’s good information and thank you. I was able to get close by creating a pivot table and using Features>Action>Link to Screen but that only provided the same exact secondary list regardless of what I clicked on in the first list. However, pivot tables for this purpose are awkward and won’t scale well either. Going to work through some things with Javascript first, but still trying to do as little as possible in Sheets other than formulas.

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How many times do guys you see a :new: post in the :orange_square: Announcements category and get an endorphin rush before realizing that you are looking at a 6 month old thread? :joy:


Always …


Every single time!!!

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After I read an announcements post, I mute it… :joy:

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A few times today already… :rofl:

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LOL not just me I guess. Maybe the new feature posts should get locked after a couple of days.


What I would REALLY like to see from the Glide team (@david @Mark) is Release Notes whenever a new build ships. Even if it was just a short list of dot points outlining what’s new and what’s been fixed. Stuff happens so quickly with Glide that it’s almost impossible to keep up. So it would be awesome to have a repository of release notes that could be referred to.

I’ve worked with dev teams in the past where we had systems in place that would automatically generate a set of release notes for each new build, using the Git commit messages - it’s not that hard to do :slightly_smiling_face:


But it’s even easier to tell others what to do :wink:
It would help though!

Hey Jeff, I have been struggling a little bit with this.
Question: Currently I am using “date and time” component. As a consequence, it displays both date and time in my tag. I wanted to duplicate the column (as you said before) so I can display date on one hand and time on the other hand. How can I do that without adding an extra step (click) for my user ?
Have a good day

We have a few more features since I made that post. Now, you you should be able to create a math column that duplicates the original date column. The math column will let you set different formatting for the date. The result will be two columns with a date/time, but with different formating for each one.