Grouping delayed for inline list


I created an inline list and grouped it by today’s date created with a math column you see below, but it’s delayed as I swipe down. Any way to fix this? Thanks!

Hey Jen.

Sorry, I don’t get it. When you say delayed - in what sense?
I watched the video, but it isn’t clear. Are you saying it takes a while for the images to load as you scroll, …or?

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The date it’s grouped by, you can see is applied to every few tiles. If you stop long enough you can see they all become grouped again under a single display of the date instead of showing up every 3-4 tiles. Pretty much all of the tiles shown should be grouped under today’s date which should only display once at the top, not every three tiles then when you stop it regroups again.

Okay, I see.
This is just a shot in the dark, but I see from the video that your app has exceeded the row limit.
Could this possibly have something to do with it?

(These are computed columns, so I wouldn’t expect so. But you never know…)

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That could be a possibility. It shouldn’t do that just because its computed correct? I was thinking it’s doing the calculations so its slowing down in grouping.

Just out of curiosity, why do you need the extra math column?

Couldn’t you just use a single column?
Like this, for example:

Yes, that’s what I have for the first Math column. The 2nd/last Math column is being pulled from the If, Then, Else column which is helping break up the grouping.

ah, gotcha.

mmm, I don’t see any reason why that wouldn’t work. Is the behaviour the same when you view the app on a mobile device?

That was a recording from mobile. It’s the same in the builder.

I guess I’m thinking that maybe it has something to with the fact that you’re grouping using columns that are doing date math, ie. as you suggested…

But gee… that would be surprising.
I’ll have a fiddle and see if I can replicate the issue.

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That would be great! Please let me know if you have the same issue, I might have to figure out another way to group the list. Thank you!

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You’re grouping on a column with the time in hours and minutes still in there. You should use a math column to convert it to date time only, then a template column on top of that math column to lock it in. That should solve the problem.


ah, yes - of course!

@Jen_NYCP - I was able to replicate your problem, and I can confirm that @ThinhDinh’s suggestion solves the issue.

In the above:

  • Today: Math column using NOW()
  • Increment: just a random number
  • Incremented Date: Today + Increment
  • GroupBy Date: Template just taking the value from Incremented Date

If you use Incremented Date to group your inline list, you get the list elements bouncing around.
But if you use GroupBy Date to group, then it works perfectly.

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Thanks! @ThinhDinh

Oh, so just add a template column? And group by that?

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ps. I love your questions, because I almost always learn something new while I’m bumbling around trying to help you :rofl:


Haha happy yo help as well :smile: