Group by date not working?

I have an inline list which is grouped by Date (pic below), which is not working. It’s been working fine for a long time but for some reason just stopped. It’s a date only column, not date/time. Is there a bug or has something changed since I last played with this?

Date Only vs Date/Time are just display options. Internally, all dates are always saved with both date and time. You can see this for yourself if you click into one of the rows in the Data Editor - you’ll see that there is a time as well as a date.

As to why it’s stopped working for you, I can’t explain that. How are the dates entered? Has that changed recently? Are any of your users in different timezones?

Anyway, one way to fix it is as follows:

  • Start by converting your Date to an integer in the format YYYYMMDD. Use a Math column with the following formula:

  • Then convert that back to a Date using the Text to Date column.

  • The above two steps will have the effect of setting the time on all dates to exactly the same value, so you can use the resultant column to group your list and it will work as expected.

Yep - that fixed it. Thanks!
I have been doing some calculations using this date column but haven’t done anything to this column at all. I’ll have to look back carefully at what I’ve done and try to figure out what happened. Meanwhile, I have a fix so thanks again.

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