Reinstate Calendar List View

In the old app the Calendar layout had the ability to change the default view to display as a list view. This was extremely useful because it allowed tasks to be grouped by day when viewed as a list.

With the new app, trying to do the same thing with a List layout and grouping by date doesn’t work when the date also includes the time because it creates a new group for every different date AND time.

Vote to reinstate the list view feature for Calendar layout. With many votes, it may get reinstated soon.

You could convert the Date and Time column to Date Only by using Format Date column.

Then use that to Group the list. You’ll almost get the same view like classic apps.

It is true that using Date Only would work however I also need the Time field for making appointments

You would still have your original date column with time for appointments. The additional column that was suggested would only be used for grouping.