Add Image to Calendar layout


Is there any way to add a featured image to a calendar layout on the front end?

I was thinking of creating a list layout them grouping and sorting it by start date but wanted to see if there were any other solutions.


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Ok. this is what I got. Is there a way to just have the date in long-form (without the time) show up at the top, when there is more than one event with the same start date? Just like the calendar layout.

You can either set the formatting on the original date column to just date, then create a template column to lock in the formatting of that date to use for grouping. Or you can create a math column to duplicate the original date column, but formatted to only show date, then create the template column to lock in the formatting and use for grouping.

Yes, I was thinking of the first solution at the beginning but didn’t want to have to type the date again in another column for each event, as I want a column to have the date AND time. I haven’t used this math column type yet, I will look into it. Thanks!

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Hi Jeff,

So I did Start Date-Start Time, but since they are in the same column the number is 0. Do I have to create separate columns for date and time?

It’s also doing it as a calculation, but I just want the date to be removed from the date and time column, in this new column.

Can you show a screenshot so I can see what you mean? I’m guessing you are subtracting the same date from itself. The use of the math column in this case is to convert the original date/time column to either a date only or a time only. Not both.

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Ok, that’s what I thought you were doing. That’s just doing date math and the result is the number of days between each date.

What I’m talking about is just including one date in the math column. Then it will give you options for formatting the date as date only or time only. The result will be your original date column with date and time, but the math column can be set to show just the date from that original date column. Finally a template column is needed to duplicate the math column so it locks in the formatting and you can use that template column for grouping.

Ahh! Ok I got the first part. The math column can’t be used for grouping?

No, because I think it still groups by the underlying value, which contains time, so you would still get the same result where each group is by date and time instead of just date.

I use the template trick quite often to “lock in” dates or rounded numbers.

Ah got it! Yes, I switched between the two and similar dates come together.

Thank you!!

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