Greying out checked items in a list or visibility?

Trying to understand the boolean feature for a grocery list “Hello World” type app. What I am trying to do is when an item is checked off either move it to another inline list that has checked items listed and visible or grey out the checked items and move them to the bottom…So i am thinking that making two inline lists makes more sense. (one for the uncehcked and one for the checked.

I think I am lacking how the boolean works on the display side and what to filter for each list to view correctly.

Does that makes sense?

you can use the group by - sort option … if someone check, it will move to the checked group

i use that to classify the items by category…but i’ll look at the sort feature as well and see what that does. Thakns

yes, you can sort by check mark… which will separate items too… or have two lists first on top to show unchecked items and at the bottom… checked

Thanks that works!

I got both options to work…thanks for keeping me in the right direction

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