Grey out data from Row Owner enabled sheets if unavailable in current sheet

There’s occasionally a discrepancy between data we may assume is accessible / usable, based on what we see in GE for a sheet with no security features enabled, and what actually is accessible outside GE.

If that sheet has rollups or lookups on data in another sheet that does have row owner enabled, those values will still make the trip and display normally in GE, but not the builder nor a sheet if you’re submitting them to one.

This wasn’t immediately clear to me until I isolated some scenarios in tests apps. I had ended up with a ton of miscalculations in an app and was troubleshooting based on what I saw in GE.

In a more complex setup - it’s hard to trace back where something is “clogged” without visual cues. The bigger issue is not being able to trust what I’m seeing in GE.

If I’m building logic based on a series of ITEs, even if I have no intention on exposing that logic in the app itself, to anyone other than its row owners, I have to trust that the true-true-true I’m seeing is not really a false-false-false. This is too common.

@Mark - input on any specific scenarios when GE data should be ignored would be helpful. Thanks!

  1. View in row owner sheet / viewing as Mount Koussi
    Not their rate of 0.07

  1. View in standard sheet / viewing as "Willow"
    Can see lookup value of 0.07 – this value should be greyed out / accompanied by a disclaimer / not be allowed as computed column (?).

3) On the front-end, I can see the 0.07 rate only displays for user Mount Koussi – it’s row owner.

  1. Submitting option C as anyone other than Mount Koussi results in a blank cell.