Why some user specific row appear in this way?

Hi Gliders,

Why do some user specific rows show up as not user specific or not secure?

See the image below:

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This could be due to the fact that the Row Owner column is not set up correctly. To ensure that the data is secure and only accessible to the user it is intended for, you need to make sure that the Row Owner column is set up correctly. You can learn more about Row Owners here. Glide • Row Owners

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Do you mean because of the grey text? You are showing the google sheet. There is no concept of user specific or row owners in a google sheet. You most likely just have some color formatting on those specific cells. You can select those cells and change the color or font of the cell and the text. It doesn’t affect anything with glide.

If you are seeing the same thing in the glide data editor, then that would mean that you have row owners applied to one of your columns…but based on what you are showing, that’s not the issue.

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