Erratic behavior and spinning wheel when applying row owner

The TAB in question:

  • Source = Sheet A
  • Has 3 components pulling values from sheet A, and
  • An inline list that’s a relation to a sheet B (we’ll call it rel_X)


  • Tab-level filter: If an email column A = signed-in user
  • Inline list filter: If an email column B (different one) = signed-in user
  • Base-level filter on all components other than inline list = show when rel_X is not empty.

While testing various security scenarios, Row Owner was enabled on email columns in Sheet A, B and others. In GE, Row Ownership appears to be working as intended and the correct data is accessible to the “previewing as” user.

In the builder - a different story. At times rel_X will display but nothing else will. Other times, only a button or lone text component will make an appearance. Most of the time, it’s the dreadful spinning wheel, which only goes away on navigating away from the tab and returning.

This behavior is not as frequent in the app on a mobile device (celluar+wifi, or strictly wifi) but it does occur. I’m all but certain I don’t have anything set up that would cause conflict. Perhaps this is a case of asking GE to do too much processing?

Putting this out there in case others have had similar experiences and will formally report to Support next week.

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