Google Sheets Sync Issue

One of our google sheets didn’t have data in it (one sheet/ table), then it was fixed.

Glide is giving this error - despite the data being back in the google sheet - it doesn’t seem to want to check that the data is now there.

Is this just a waiting game or?

When you click the reload button it just keeps showing this same pop up - without trying to reload the google sheet.

In my experience, it seems like it always resynced after a period of time. It’s like it gets stuck and refuses to check for updated data when you try to press the reload button. But I think some background sync process eventually pulls in the updated data from the sheet. Maybe try updating some data in the glide data editor or in the Google sheet to see if it triggers something.

If the sheet is being automatically filled (including the headers), I would recommend to instead put in static headers in row 1 of the sheet. Then fill rows 2+ with data. Then you shouldn’t have this problem again.

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@Jeff_Hager thanks for this.

I couldn’t get it to reset - tried those update tricks you mentioned. So I eventually clicked the remove functionality and rebuilt.

Think this is an important bug/ block to fix.

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