Glide doesn't find my Google Sheet

I set up 3 Google sheets and only the first sheet is showing up. What am I doing wrong?

Do you have data, or at least headers in your other two sheet tabs?

Yes and thank you for the help.

I have the free version. Could that be the reason my Google Sheets don’t appear?

That shouldn’t be a reason. Can you share some screenshots of your google sheet and the data editor in glide?

Google Sheet looks fine.

Your second screenshot is the app builder. I want to see the data editor. Click on the table button at the top.

Click this little refresh button to reload the sheet and see what happens.

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It is always the simple solution. The You Tube video I followed had the refresh arrow on the left side bar. Thanks for the assist. I spent all day unable to continue. Thanks Jeff! I appreciate it. Elroye

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A data sync between Glide and Google will only occur if the data changes within the app or in the data editor…or if Google happens to send data to Glide, depending on how the sheet gets updated. If you had made changes to your data from within the app, it is possible that glide would have seen the new tables eventually, but I’m guessing you weren’t changing the data in any way through glide, so it had no reason to re-sync. With a pro app, there is an optional setting to automatically have glide sync with google every few minutes, but for free apps, this sync will only occur when data is changed by the app…which will cause the data change to sync to google, followed by glide checking for any new updates to the data in the google sheet.

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