Google Sheets Data for App

I am a non-dev, but I am attempting to build a little randomize workout application for myself. I have a workouts categorized by a few items (Posterior vs. Anterior, Upper vs. Lower, and specific muscle group) I am attempting to use the data in the table via google sheets (~80 rows) then randomize it based on criteria I want to populate the pre-set fields such as:

  1. Main Workout 1: i.e. Dead Lift
  2. Main Workout 2: I.e. Squat
  3. Main Workout 3: I.e. Single Leg RDLs

How would one go about this in glide… I thought I figured it out a few times… but unable to make sure the data is randomized but not changed (within the google sheets data source).

happy to provide pictures of data, and app thus far… and what setup I was thinking about. Thanks!!!