Google sheet formula problem

I have some data that is added to a google sheet everyday that includes a signature from the app that is added as a link to the sheet. I’ve applied the image formula to convert that link into an image in the sheet but when i drag the formula down let’s say 10 rows the next data that is added to the google sheet is added to the 11th row. so no matter what type of formula i use, even array formula, as long as is a formula in a row glide sees it as writen row and goes over it. what can i do?
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Why do you even need to do that?
I mean, if you are displaying the image in Glide, why not just use the URL?

i’m converting automatically the google sheet to a pdf and email it to client with all the workers signatures when they clock in. I’m sure it is another easier way to do this but I didn’t find it.
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Which plan are you on?

You could generate this inside Glide using one of the PDF integrations - either PDF Monkey or Docs Automater.


Team plan

You nailed it in your comment. Glide won’t touch rows that are populated when adding a new row, even with formulas that don’t return anything. However arrayformulas usually work. They do populate every row in the table, but Glide usually adds a new row at the end of the table and the array formula automatically applies to that new row. Whenever you use array formulas, it’s best to delete all empty rows so you don’t end up with a bunch of empty rows.

With that said, I would at least look into the built in Glide integrations to build the PDF that @Darren_Murphy mentioned.


I usually create it in different columns between the URL and the image formula: =IMAGE(A1).

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