Google Search Should Redirect To Custom Domain

When I search for my app on Google “Zoomies Video Chats” it directs to the wrong urls, even though that url was literally never used before, I very quickly added the domain

This feels a little scammy to me and it makes me feel a bit disappointed that I paid for custom urls.

Any user who will be googling for Zoomies will be directed towards a Glide url, not the one I’m paying you guys to have.

I love this service but this googling thing will make me 5x less likely to continue paying in the future and is angering. I think you guys should do a better job of redirecting as well, since the app already has the url handy (the one we paid for).

Hope this feedback is appreciated!


I’m not finding anything related to you app when I search google. For me a bunch of youtube animal videos show up along with several results for the Zoom video chat service. What do you see when you search? It may be basing some of the results based on your past browsing history and hundreds of other factors. Search Engine Optimization is an art form that many try to master. There is no guarantee that your app will pop up to the top of the results. There are several factors, including content, meta tags, referral links, and many other factors.

How long have you had the custom domain? How long has your app been published? Keep in mind that google bots continuously crawl the entire web to find content and run it through their algorithms to rank each and every link based on popularity and other factors. I’m sure your glide url has been in the wild long enough to be crawled by the google bots and is leading to results. It’s like Glides old Spectrum forum. People somehow keep finding it even though it’s been inactive for several months. I’m sure Glide would like people to stop finding the old link as well, but it’s probably still showing in google results.

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Why not redirect the old links to the custom domain then? This seems trivial. So yeah, it’s finding the default (non custom) glide links from the crawler, but when I click on them, then Glide has control to redirect and they don’t. And my guess is that redirecting could help with the crawler too, google is smart enough to know where people end up.

That’s probably a scenerio that’s never been considered. That might actually cause some havoc for those that have already installed the app under the glide url.

seems doubtful, it would just redirect right off the bat