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Does anyone know of a formula to input into sheets that will do a reset of a value based on a change in another cell…

In non-formula terms:

IF datecell<>date cell [so it changes] then reset workdone to 0

Take a look at this thread. It’s something I tried that seemed to work. It involves turning on iterative calculations in the sheet. Maybe this would work for you with some modification to the formula.

What sets workdone to a value other than 0, or maybe a better explanation of what you are trying to do?

Changing the date

So you want the date change to set workdone to 0 and a value other than 0? I’m confused.

I want the date change to reset the value to zero but as long as the date value =Today() it can be increased until the date value doesn’t = Today() in which case it would reset to 0

I get that you want to workdone to reset when the date changes but I still don’t get how workdone gets incremented to begin with, I’m trying to play with this in a spreadsheet, but I’m stuck because I don’t know the entire scenario. You also didn’t mention the use of Today() as part of the formula to begin with, so that could change how I set up the formula. The problem I have is that I need a formula in workdone column so it can reset, but depending on how it’s incremented, this could be a problem. This gets complicated to accomplish because of all the circular dependencies in the calculations. Maybe the thread I posted above can help you out. Otherwise, a script would probably do what you want.

Hi Jeff

I couldn’t get the calculations to stop even when I’d turned on the limited iterations.



Would somebody be manually changing the date or do you just have =TODAY() in a cell that automatically changes the next day?

That may have depended on all of the other formulas you have in your sheet. I was only experimenting with 1 row of data in one sheet, so it was very basic. Like I had said before, I don’t know the full repercussions of doing something like that. Kind of new and experimental for me.