Setting a daily number

Hi everyone,

Having a complete mind blank here, how could I give a user a set a number each day, so in my use case which is a networking app where the user can make 10 connections a day, I have part of the connection action to increment -1 and then if they hit zero the tab will disappear but I can’t think how to reset to 10 each day. I might kick myself when I hear the answer!


Are you writing a row for each connection? It might be easier to create a relation based on the current date to your sheet with the daily rows. Then create a rollup column to count the number of connections. Then set your condition based on that rollup. On the next day, the relation will not find any rows with the same date, so it will start over.

Otherwise, if the user is doing some sort of action prior to viewing the conditions, you could have a stored date and compare to todays date. if they are different then the action could reset the value and set the new date.


Thanks @Jeff_Hager

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