Google Analytics + Glide

Hi Team,

I’m sharing a mistake I made, if anyone can help me, that’d be amazing.

I was checking my Google Analytics setup, and tracking for my Glide App suddenly stopped (probably of 1-2 changed I applied), reporting 0 users. I applied the previous settings, but didn’t work.

I created a new data stream and attempted to make that work. When that worked I deleted the old data stream. Google mentioned that historical data will remain in the account.

Well, that didn’t happen. I lost 2-3 years of tracking/activity in my App.

According to documentation, Google doesn’t let you recover data streams, I cannot explain the part with historical data.

I hope this happens to no one.

If btw anyone knows how I can at least recover the volume of traction till today, that would be amazing!

Have a great Sunday,

Sounds scary. Have you faced this before @Katelyn_Alberts ? (I have no expertise in GA and I think Katelyn is one of the people who have used GA extensively here)

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I’m so sorry that happened to you. I would :skull: if i lost all that data.

The only way i can imagine that you’d still have the data was if you had it connected to a Google sheet? All my data is on my sheets so that i can display it on Glide. I’ve lost Google data before and it remained on my sheets.

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Thanks for your answers

I haven’t kept a copy of my GA

Does Glide keep any stats related to launched apps?

I’m interested in just learning the volume of users we had before this happened

If you are using a Google Sheet as a Data Source, and if your users were signing in, then you could check the App: Logins sheet. Every sign in is logged there, so that could give you a rough idea.

Thanks a lot

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any sign-ins. The app was public.