Migration to GA4 from UA...hopelessly/helplessly lost


I am at a loss to figure out the endless “help” articles to migrate my Glide Analytics over from the UA to the new GA4. I’ve gotten 2/7 things checked off (no guarantee they’re actually correct). I was hoping someone had a simplified version.
PS I think I’ve already lost 2 years of analytics so I am deeply crushed.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Can you help with this @Katelyn_Alberts ?

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Ugh I have not experienced this, as I originally had GA4 with Glide, sounds like such a pain though!


Thank you for your response!!

I was able to hirer a Fiverr guy to start helping with the website migration but he is unfamiliar with Glide. I have added the G-########### number to my Google Analytics Integration in Glide but in order to get data do i have to do this anywhere else? And do I have to create parameters in GA4 so that i can see the data from the “Events” within the app.

As long as your G4 number is connected on GA and Glide, you don’t have to do anything else for GA to start tracking your data/activity on Glide!

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