Hallo from planet Earth❤️

I am an entrepreneur in various opportunities. Glide for me is the best opportunity to try more ideas in a short time.


Welcome, feel free to let us know if you have any questions!

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My first question about integration Glide and new version of Google Analytics, which call GA4. Is it ready to use without Universal Analytics (UA) data? And can i connect Google Tag Manager to Glade/GA4 integration?

I don’t have much experience with GA. Hope someone else can chime in :sweat_smile:

@Mikhail_Sergeev I just migrated to GA4 from old UA Google Analytics successfully. It’s working. Took about 5-10 min to update on Google’s side. Test without cookies if any issues.

Copy the new G-1234567890 tag into the Glide App Settings > Integrations > Google Analytics Tracking ID box.

Can’t speak to the Tag Manager side though. Just GA4 tracking. Hope helps!

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Thanks a lot!
I done it few months ago, and GA4 lost all events in section Pages and screens. I can see visits to app’s main screen only. Support say me “problem on cloudflare” side and “I have escalated this issue to our Engineering team. Our team is currently diagnosing the issue and so far has found no code changes on our side that could have changed anything regarding this issue. We will be in contact as soon as we have an update.” I waiting more then month. That’s very strange and have not idea, how can fix it.