Need help with Google Analytics integration in Glide app

Hi everyone,
I and @Sanket_Vyavahare are trying to integrate Google Analytics into a Glide app to get insights into user behaviour and track the platforms from which users are coming. I have followed the steps outlined in the Google Analytics setup guide, but I am not sure where to add the tracking code in my app. I have looked in the settings section of Glide, but I didn’t find any option to add the tracking code.

Can anyone guide me on where to add the tracking code in Glide? I am not sure what I am doing wrong or if I am missing any steps. Can anyone help us troubleshoot this issue or point me to any resources or tutorials that could help me better understand the process?

Finally, I would like to know if there is any way to access basic analytics data, such as the number of users, sessions, and percentage of users coming from different platforms, without needing to directly integrate my app with Google Analytics. Is there any pre-built report or visualization available in the Google Analytics interface that I can use to get this information?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Please have a look this: Glide • Google Analytics

Thanks for your response, @Bungchow_IDEApps. The video you shared is an old video. We managed to figure it out through this article.- Glide • Google Tag Manager


Bump. I’m having the same issue. The how-to guide on Glide website is VERY outdated. There’s no way to enter measurement ID in the pages app.

Have you looked at the documentation for Google Tag Manager?

That documentation was updated just recently.


Hey Golden,
You can add the measurement ID into glide app from the
Settings section → Integrations → GTM → add your measurement ID

I have the same problem, let me try to explain it better.

In the picture @Vishal_Chatre shared “Measurement id” eg: GTM- , so based on the picture it seems I have to insert the GTM Code (Google Tag Manager) not the G- code (Google Analytics 4).

In the document it says: G-code, so I went with the G-code.
My event test, has the same name of the event on GTM and the same settings as suggested by the guide


And the G-code inserted in the GTM tag is the same inserted in Glide settings area… so? :slight_smile:
Anyone successfully installed it?

Plus, anyway to test it? I am trying with GTag Companion (as Chrome browser extension), but no successes so far

This has changed and the document is no longer correct (it will be updated soon).
You should use the Google Tag Manager key, eg GTM-xxxxx

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Thank you @Darren_Murphy

I have changed it to GTM, but… anyway I cannot see my TAG :slight_smile:, and cannot see my data in GA (real time)

Maybe the wrong test tool, but GA should work

Update: Fixed thanks @Darren_Murphy ! With GTM and a couple of refresh (including one hard-unpublish) it works! Thanks again

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Is there any way to add the Google Analytics real time user location on the glide App? So when someone if using the app they can see in the home page, what city is connected? This would be nice to show people that are currently connected.