Google Analytics GA4 questions about : 1/ tracking Anonymous users, 2/ Exclude yourself (admin, dev, test) from the metrics, 3/ Bounce

Hi! :slightly_smiling_face:
For those of you who are using GA4, can you share the following feedbacks?

1/Can GA4 track Anonymous users (ie they enter your app without any login and visit freely, you don’t have any email real or "glidized":wink:). The GA4 Help says that for apps, it only tracks logged users. What’s it like in real?

2/Can GA4 exclude some users?
Like yourself, your admin, any one that should not count to really focus on actual users and their behaviors. To eliminate all the clics of your own testings.

3/Glide does not include sth to track Bounces (and trigger a message) : is GA4 tracking your bounces as expected? I mean: ALL of them. Including when users are bounced when trying to refresh their Profile updates (like picture).

Thks for your feedbacks. I don’t have a pro plan, but I need to know the actual value it can really bring in my case.