GO button on android number entry not working

I mentioned this issue view months ago… but still no fix.
When entering number on mobile (android Samsung in my case), GO button is not working.
It is confusing users, and not a good reputation for developers…

My keyboard is different and I don’t have a Go button. I just have an arrow. I don’t think the intention of Go or the arrow is to close the keyboard. In many websites, it will execute the form’s submit button. Are you expecting it to close the keyboard or submit the form? You can just tap out of the entry field to close the keyboard. If you are expecting the form to submit, I think that may be more confusing if the user hasn’t finished filling out all of the fields.

It should close the window and exit entry field, that would be expected action

I don’t have a good answer. There’s hundreds of different keyboards out there and I suppose they all work differently. I would have to say it’s more of a function of the keyboard app and not the glide app.

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