Enter to Submit Form

Is there any way for us to press Enter on the keyboard to submit a form? Instead of clicking the button.

Kindly advice. Thank you!


Not to my knowledge. I just brought this up to the Glide team in the data editor too. I want some form of cmd-enter to save a column that i just created/edited

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I just came looking for this exact feature. I’m surprised it isn’t the default behavior in Glide!

I was expecting there to be a way to set a text field as being only a single line. In that case, pressing “Return” or the “Enter” button on a keyboard, would only ever mean “Submit the Form”. However, it seems that even when the size of the text field is set to be a single line, if I hit “Return” / “Enter”, it just adds a line break (expanding the height of the text entry field).

Even if we’re thinking in terms of “mobile first” (since Glide’s focus is PWAs), it’s the difference between seeing a nice blue “Go” button in the iOS keyboard (the kind that happens by default for the Glide login screen) vs a “Return” button in the iOS keyboard to start a new line—meaning I need to tap “Done”, scroll down, and tap the CTA button in order to submit the form.


In terms of creating viral / sticky apps, these are the details that make a difference!

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