Disable floating buttons when entering entry fields

When entering text or numbers in a entry fields, on mobile, floating buttons are covering part of that field. Also it confuses user specially when the button is go back icon, it gives impression that you need to click it to submit entering data.
It would be helpful when someone click on entry field. floating buttons will disappear until data is submitted

If the screen scrolls I am not sure how Glide is meant to determine what is or isn’t hidden by the floating button. Even if it doesn’t scroll given the huge variety in screen sizes available it will be almost impossible to determine what is underneath.

Surely it is a design consideration of whether to use a floating button in that instance?

Either that or have the button conditionally visible.

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I don’t have any feedback when someone click on entry field or exit it, and entry fields are not always empty so is hard to give conditions for visibility.
I guess only solution will be always use new screen to collect data, but this will be so much jumping for users

As far as as a floating button overlaying other content, I usually add some extra space to the bottom of the screen so a user can scroll the entry fields or other components content out from under the floating button.

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This is not a case, what I’m talking about is when you are entering entry fields from a cellphone, the keyboard pops up and the entry field becomes the bottom of the window… than floating button is covering that field


I’m already used to always add a Separator-no line-large style in every single Detail screen I build, so the components don’t reach the bottom of the screen


i do that too… but i think you guys don’t understand what i’m referring to…
is how it goes on actual cellphone… adding separators wont help

Ok, I got it. I was just commenting what I do too :rofl:

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you are a CSS wizard… please add some cool codes to my Code BOOK … please :wink: